“Unfortunately the most tender beings are the most vulnerable individuals of society”

KONPAL Child Abuse Prevention Society (CAPS) is nonpolitical, nonsectarian voluntary social welfare organization, conceived by a group of committed individuals belonging to various professions, concerned with the rising incidence of abuse, neglect and exploitation of children.

KONPAL Caps is an NGO working for Child Rights Protection and Child Development. Through its diverse range of services, advocacy and capacity building programs, Konpal is committed to create mass awareness among all the stakeholders about the importance of a healthy, creative and supportive environment for children which help them develop and prosper to become the productive citizen of society.

Konpal team comprises child rights activists who share the common vision of a society FREE of Child Abuse, with Zero tolerance against child sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation, child labor, involvement of children in hazardous occupation, armed conflicts and other forms of violence. The group is fighting for the Child Rights and against all forms of abuse, neglect, maltreatment and exploitation of children.


Our Mission

Prevention, Protection, Recovery and Rehabilitation of victims/survivors of Child Abuse; their reintegration and participation into social structure.


Our Call

Konpal’s call comes against a backdrop of rising child sexual abuse. Everyone has to play a role in fighting against child sexual abuse. We want our legislators and the leaders of public opinion must campaign to pass a comprehensive law to effectively curb child abuse and particularly the sexual abuse, and our administration to enforce those laws in true spirit.

“Let’s Break the Ice of Silence Before it Breaks the Innocence”