Awareness & Advocacy

Despite its adverse consequences, Child Abuse is still a taboo issue in our society. Konpal Caps is committed to raise awareness among all stakeholders through various advocacy programs by making use of modern mass media technologies. Different Seminars and workshops are conducted in schools, universities and hospitals for the capacity building of students, teachers, parents and other health care professionals.

Konpal Caps joins global campaign of activism for prevention of child abuse every year by celebrating Children’s Week followed by an annual Walk on Children Rights Protection around Mazar-e-Quaid Karachi.

Skill Development / Capacity Building Training

Konpal conducts various skill development and capacity building programs for all stakeholders of Child Rights including Children, Parents, Teachers, Health Care & Media professionals. Multiple workshops are conducted throughout the year on “Enhancement of Mother’s (Care Takers) Skills in Child Care & Protection”. They received training on hand washing, personal hygiene and sanitation, breast feeding, nutrition, conflict management and protection of children from abuse and neglect.

Hospital Child Protection Committee (HCPC)

HCPC is a parallel program supported by Konpal Caps for Child Protection & Development. It is a kind of network among different hospitals to report Child Abuse cases from the region. The team is comprised of psychologist, medical social workers, coordinators, pediatricians, gynecologists, psychiatrists etc.

On an average, the committee meets every month regularly, 600 cases of child abuse and neglect. These cases were monitored carefully and provided with immediate treatment. The statistical data collected by the committee is further used for research work.

Medical Support

Konpal Caps not only identifies an abused victim but also manage to provide the victim with immediate medical help. Pediatricians working in Konpal Caps provide FREE adequate medical treatment to the child and facilitate their families in every possible way.

Legal Support

Konpal’s legal wing is responsible to facilitate victims and their families in legal processes. Konpal Caps is taking collective measures for the approval of Child Protection Laws including a Law for prohibition of corporal punishment against children.

Counseling & Psychological Support

Child Abuse and Neglect have adverse effects on victims and survivors. Konpal Caps provides psychological treatment to victims and their families through counseling and moral support to heal their pain. We have a team of clinical psychologists & psychiatrists who give FREE psychological treatment to patients.


Konpal Caps helps rehabilitate homeless children including street children, orphans, victims of natural disaster etc. We arrange frequent visits to orphanages like SOS Children Village, Remand Home, Dara-ul-sukun etc to meet under privilege children and provide them healthy recreation opportunities.

Konpal Caps is striving hard to establish its own “Rehabilitation Centre” for the needy children to provide all Domestic, Health Care, Education and Recreation facilities to under privilege children under one roof.


Research is one of the important units of Konpal. Our team including HCPC maintains the record of statistical data of child abuse and neglect cases. This data is used to conduct researches in the field of violence & exploitation of children and child health care analysis reports.