Konpal is engaged in multiple activities to fight against Child Abuse:

  • Organizing seminars against child abuse to aware people.

  • Conducting capacity building workshops to train people. One of the most prominent workshop is ‘Mothers’ Training’ that teaches under-privileged mothers about basic development and healthcare of children.

  • Arranging different awareness raising, creative and recreational events to engage children in healthy activities.

  • Organizing relief camps for flood victims.

  • Konpal doesn’t only highlight child abuse as an alarming issue but also brings importance of child development and healthcare in lime light.

  • Konpal team visits under-privileged areas and far flung villages to raise awareness in rural population and uneducated parents.

  • Konpal understands the importance of digital technology, therefore, we are spreading our message through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/konpal.caps besides that we are soon launching our Blog

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