1. To create awareness regarding all forms of child abuse through awareness raising seminars, conferences, workshops, interactive/open forum discussions.

2. To launch an awareness / advocacy campaign against child abuse through mass media.

3. To involve parents, caretakers, healthcare providers, law-enforcing authorities and other stakeholders in prevention of, and care of the victims of child abuse.

4. To provide medical and psychiatric treatment / counseling to the affected children.

5. To involve decision makers in the community in prevention / rehabilitation of affected children.

6. To help rehabilitate victims of child abuse and their families.

7. To establish a special cell in the major hospitals for providing advocacy / counseling / rehabilitation of victims of child abuse.

8. To establish a model rehabilitation centre.

9. To assist and provide legal support to victims of child abuse and neglect

10. To conduct and promote fact finding research on child abuse.

11. To interact with other organizations having a similar agenda in order to benefit from each other’s experience.