* Note: Your donation will only be used to help poor children.

Please send your Donations in the form of Demand Draft, Pay order or Money Order to:

Konpal Head Office

4-N, Block 6, PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan

Donations can be deposited in Nursery Branch of Habib Bank:

Account Title: Konpal Caps
Account No: 00277000093603
Habib Bank Ltd, Nursery Branch, Karachi, Pakistan

After donating, please copy & fill this information and email it to:

konpalcaps@gmail.com(for our information)

Date of Donation: _____________________
Amount Donated: _____________________
Country: _____________________
Any Other Information: ___________________________________

For Further Information regarding Donations, please contact

Email: konpalcaps@gmail.com
Website: www.konpal.org