Konpal strongly believes that in order to bring about positive change in mindset and attitude, especially on the taboo issues like Child Abuse & Exploitation, active community engagement and participation is vital. Konpal aims at creating mass awareness on the issue and to sensitize the community by reaching maximum number of people.

Konpal believes in an interactive and supportive environment where all the stakeholders can work with unity and promote mutual cooperation. Therefore, we welcome members and volunteers from all walks of life to join Konpal family and raise a united voice for Child Rights and Protection.

No specific qualification or experience is required to join Konpal. You just need to have a kind heart and sincere intentions to help the innocent & suffering children and make a healthy contribution in the welfare of society.

Become a Volunteer

Konpal welcomes the participation of volunteers. Volunteers are the committed and self motivated individuals who donate their time, energy, and expertise to contribute for the cause.

Being Konpal Volunteer, you can contribute in following ways:

  • Help us promoting the cause at interpersonal level. Share the knowledge in your family, friends or colleagues to educate more people about the problem
  • Attend our capacity building trainings
  • Help us arrange awareness raising seminars, conferences, workshops etc
  • Donate & Arrange funds for long-term sustainability
  • You can help us in multiple ways depending upon your area of expertise (Networking, Content Development, Graphic Designing, Event Management, fund collection, Publicity and Relationship Building etc)
  • You should inform Konpal Head Office about Child Abuse cases that are taking place in your areas
  • You may follow up cases of Child Abuse, Violence & Exploitation that are reported in print or electronic media and inform Konpal Head Office about them
  • Konpal is based in Karachi, but people from all over the country can contribute to Konpal’s mission. You can be a Long-Distance Volunteer and engage in Konpal Online Activation Campaign

Become a Member:

Membership of Konpal is offered to those individuals who want to give their serious dedication and participation in carrying forward Konpal’s mission and goals. Members will engage in collective efforts for ideas generation and strategic planning processes of organization. They are required to attend Konpal’s monthly team meet to evaluate the work progress of organization, plan new work opportunities and discuss other related policy matters.

You can become our member by paying small amount of membership fee and start contributing to the cause as an active member of Konpal Caps.

To become a volunteer or Member download the appropriate form and send us to